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It’s creeping me out that 2017 is almost over! I have had a couple of changes this year, I recently switched to a new office, so 2017 is just going to take a little bit of settling in, into the new place. I had also promised to be more regular on the blog but I don’t think I have been able to live up to the frequency of the posts that I wanted to. But keeping fingers crossed, hopefully with this month, we’ll be at a better start. So without wasting much time, lets get right into today’s post!

Today I am back with a new Subscription Box. I recently came across this new box in town and thought it’ll be great to share my views with you on the same. So let’s get right into the unboxing!

First off the box is really cute, it is a bright yellow box with a fun cat motif. The box though being fun, is made up of light cardboard which is something that I am not fond of. I feel like these boxes cannot be re-used, but still it is quite cute.

The box comes with four products, all of which are full size. Receiving full size products makes me happy as I tend to use products which are full size more often than picking up a tiny bottle. This box seems to be a great mixture of both skincare and make-up.

The products that I received in the box are:

1.       Bella Voste Lipstick in the shade “Pink Wink”
2.       Beufly Lipstick in the shade “ Wild Maroon”
3.       Lass Naturals Face Toner in “Cucumber Mint”
4.       Kronokare Face Scrub

Out of these four brands, three of them were something I had never heard of. Kronokare is the only brand that I have used out of these products and I am quite excited to try their Face Scrub.

The shades of both the lipsticks in the box are very different from each other. The Beufly Lipstick is a deep maroon shade, it looks like a shade one can use a lot in the winter months. However, the packaging feels flimsy.

The Bella Voste Lipstick is in a beautiful pink shade, this shade would look nice on all skintones.

Since I have never heard of these brands before, I am hoping that they are good quality products. As a first impression, the lipsticks are not matte and they glide in very easily and seem to be hydrating. If you’d like to me to review them separately, then do let me know in the comments below and I’d be more than happy to do it.

Lass Naturals is also one of those brands that I have not heard of, I am looking forward to trying this facial toner. Will keep you all updated as to how it fares.

Like I mentioned before, Kronokare Face Scrub is one product I am super excited to try. I have been using the Kronokare Lip Balm and I love how refreshing that feels. I am looking forward to see if this one feels as good.



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