Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel Off Mask Review

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Today, I will be reviewing the Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel off Mask. I have been using this for around 3 weeks and I use it twice every week. The product comes packaged in a white and green tube with a green colour flip cap, basically a very typical Himalaya packaging. The packaging is very travel friendly, ensures that there is no product leakage. The tube dispenses the right amount of the product, leading to absolutely no wastage.

The consistency of the product is neither too thick nor too thin. It has gel like texture which easily glides and spreads on the face. The texture is also slightly sticky, I think thats the case with most peel off masks so as to ensure that the masks sticks on the face properly and makes the process of peeling off much easier.

I normally keep the mask on for about 10-12 minutes and the product dries out completely in that time frame. Once the product dries out completely, I start peeling it off from the edges of my face. I find peeling off masks oddly satisfying. I would suggest avoiding the hair-line while applying the product, because it would get difficult to get the product off when stuck to the hair. It does not have an overpowering smell so if you are someone sensitive to smells, this one should not bother you.

The product cleanses the skin deeply removing any excess oil from the face. It also leaves my skin feeling bright, fresh and clean. But however if you are expecting the product to remove your acne or pimples completely, then this one not what you want to buy. This one will only help you to control your acne and would ensure that no new pimples come up. It has helped me reduce the size of my active acne but its a slow process, does not work very well on acne scars.

Overall, this mask works well in keeping the skin clean, fresh and bright. 

Prices at Rs.130/- for 100 gms.



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