Maybelline Push Up Drama Masacara Review

Hello Team Cravers!
Feels so good to be writing again. I thought I'll start with reviewing one of my favourite items in the makeup category and that has to be a "Mascara"!!

Maybelline had recently launched a couple of new products and the Push Up Drama Mascara is one of them. Maybelline makes some of the best drugstore mascara's. This one is priced at INR 550 and comes in two forms i.e. waterproof and washable.

I have tried the waterproof version and thought of sharing my quick review on the same. I love the big, voluminous lashes look and this mascara does just that. This one is definitely the best False lash giving effect mascara that I have tried until now. I get super lazy even thinking of applying false lashes and once I use this, I don't feel the need of using false lashes at all. The brush of the mascara is perfect, it is neither too thick that it becomes difficult to apply it to those tiny hair nor is it too thin to be not able to coat the hair properly. This wand helps to coat each hair evenly without being clumpy.

I usually use two coats of this mascara, it does not get clumpy and gives me bold and voluminous lashes. However, it is a task to remove the mascara, I use my oil based cleanser to remove it. I would highly recommend it for those who love long and thick lashes. 
You can get these at Nykaa and Amazon and also available at counters across the country.



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